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About Us

Big Rig Salvage is one of the top online 18-wheeler parts distributors in the United States. We have thousands of salvaged parts and accessories for semi-trucks. We carry parts to fit all makes and models. We are in business to keep your rig on the road!

BIGRIGSALVAGEPARTS.COM is a listing for salvage companies to post their salvage for the general public and professional businesses to purchase. Each vendor on bigrigsalvageparts.com is responsible for listing and shipping their own parts and collecting their own money.

To purchase a part off of bigrigsalvageparts.com a customer must contact the vendor by the supplied contact information and arrange payment and shipment of part. Shopping cart option is for vendors to purchase advertising space only.

List your company's salvage on our site in order to improve your customer base.

Contact US: tsof@att.net or calling (843) 667-4601 for additional information.

Vendors that are listing their parts on www.bigrigsalvageparts.com are purchasing advertising space only. In no way are the owners of www.bigrigsalvageparts.com responsible for any vendor actions or parts.

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